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Swim Jigs: Tournament Line

Premier + Swim Jig
Available in weights 5/16, 3/8,  1/2 oz. 
Powder painted and baked head with 3D eyes.
The skirt is 100 strand count quality silicone skirts, weed guard, trailer keeper and copper wire tied to eliminate pull downs and offs and to eliminate skirt movement. 
A double rattle collar and rattles to provide the  extra element of sound.
Quality components… Mustad Ultra-point,  extra wide gap, black nickel hooks, 28 degree ,5/0.
These baits are initially hand-crafted and produced at the time you order them.  Check out my web store for the initial colors introduced and if you like a pattern on another style of jig just drop me a note and I can customize it for you. Whether you are recreationally or tournament fishing, this quality swim jig will fit your needs.