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(New) Magnum 3/4 oz. bladed jig

3/4 oz. Magnum bladed swim jigs.... Brand new
In addition to my regular line of Bladed swim jigs I have added a line of Magnum baits, same great components but heavier to provide a tougher "big fish" bait:
1. Mustad Ultra-point 2X extra heavy wire 5/0 hook with black nickel finish, weed guard and head has a trailer keeper.
2. New head design similar to the Arkie head but with improved trailer holder, heads are powder painted and baked for durability + weed guard.
3. 50 strand silicone skirt that is "wire tied"
4. The magnum blade is approximately 2 X the size of the standard blade.
This model has a wider movement and harder vibration, bigger profile and a different look. Built with heavy components (split ring & line tie snap), heavy hook and wire tied skirt.