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LIVING RUBBER: Bladed Jigs, Football Jigs (Finesse & Standard) and Pitchn/Flippin

* Mustad hooks 60 degree (jigs are 2X heavy wire hooks), Ultra-Point, Black Nickel  

*Living rubber or combination of living rubber/ Silicone 

* Double Rattles (only on football and Pitchin/Flippin Jigs) 

* Copper Wire Tied 

* Weights available: Standard & Finesse models : 1/4, 3/8 & 1/2 


* Trailer keeper & weed guard. 

* Heads are powder painted and baked for durability. 

Living rubber gives your jig a “life like appearance” particularly when first resting on the bottom. The material is more relaxed in the water and reacts in a slower fashion than silicone.  This seems to be most important in the winter when the bass are lethargic. To keep your living rubber jigs in good condition: store in a “not hot” location and out of direct sunlight, place your jigs into your storage contained after you have allowed them to dry. I construct my jigs with quality components and assemble in a way to make them both durable and tough.